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  • Beijing's Hutong As an Olympics Volunteer, I have the amazing opportunity to come to Beijing, China for the first time and see how this city adapts to being on the world stage.

  • Drinking in Beijing For Adriaa, a South African tourist, a few sips of tea in a bar featuring Chinese horticulture and framed windows gives him a real feeling of being in the right place to taste the country's culture.

  • The Great Wall a great success of a trip No trip to China would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall. Over 7,000 kilometers long, or over 4,000 miles, the wall was built over hundreds of years by different dynasties to defend China from outsiders.

  • New life cycle Dawn breaks and Ying Huiqi beats off the dust that has collected on the vehicle overnight, tests the bell on the copper handlebar, folds up the awning and gets ready to receive his first customer of the day.

  • A destination to be explored Peking University is one of China's most famous and prestigious educational institutions, also a great destination for tourists and locals alike.

  • An oasis at Shichahai Strolling through Shichahai, it's hard to believe you are in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

  • Hiding in the mountains One might have the impression of arriving in Tibet, while you're enjoying your summertime in Ling Mountain, where the eighth Tibetan festival is held.