African >>

  • Ras Ethiopian Cuisine Owner Dagne is an American-Ethiopian businessman who spotted a gap in the market and decided to fill it with Ethiopian goodies.

  • Pili Pili Pili Pili may well have been first on the African scene in Bejing. The experience starts with the décor, designed to capture the atmosphere of a grass hut in the African Bush.

American >>

  • Chef To Go An American-European combo that delivers everything you would expect from the Big West – heavy on roast chicken, steaks & roasts.

  • American Steak & Eggs Steak and Eggs captures the authentic American Diner experience.

C. & S. American >>

  • Brazilian Churrascos Brazilian buffet is a popular night out for a growing number of Chinese.

  • Mexican Wave Enjoy Mexican cuisine at this Beijing expat standby. The first foreign-owned and foreign-run restaurant in Beijing, with a history that goes back more than 20 years.

European >>

  • 66 North Norwegian Restaurant Santa Claus would not feel out of place in this outpost of the north. The lodge-like environment is decorated in the best-possible taste – reindeer antler light fixtures, for example, add to the authentic feel.

  • Amigo A wine cellar as good as any to be found in Beijing. You can sip a glass while relaxing on a couch over a magazine, or snack on something a little more substantial.

French >>

  • La Gauche La Gauche is a quality establishment offering set menu lunch (40-90 RMB) and dinner (200-500 RMB).

  • Jaan Tall French windows, elegant chandeliers, and a Piano Bar setting with an original 1924 dance floor are the features of this modern restaurant offering classic French cuisine.

German >>

  • Die Kochmützen Not quite Munich's Hofbrauhaus, but classic Bavarian fare served to the accompaniment of excellent dark beer. An intimate atmosphere. 

  • Schindler's Tankstelle Knackwurst and Bockwurst and cold beer by the stein blend well with the restaurant’s agreeable surroundings of Ritan Park. Award-winning beer.

Indian/Pakistani >>

  • Spice Circle Indian Restaurant The dining room is small and personal, holding around fifty. Service was first-class - attentive but not intrusive.

  • Hazara Elaborate décor and splendid service recall the great days of the Indian subcontinent. Slightly expensive, but the food is of a quality to match.

Italian >>

  • Florentine dinner at Invito Invito, A new, swanky Italian restaurant just opened this June at the quiet Solana Shopping Center, just by the edge of Chaoyang Park Lake.

  • Paninoteca Add: No. 1 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, near the offices of the European Union and the Germany Embassy. Telephone 84541797

Japanese >>

  • Baweifang As much a cosmopolitan fantasy as a Japanese restaurant, Baweifang's Beach Bar and Restaurant might have been imported from the tropics.

  • 600 Fusion Food Unusually dark and forbidding atmosphere, more reminiscent of a somber Manga comic than a standard Japanese restaurant, but the food is authentic and good .

Korean >>

  • Sorabol Not cheap but the quality matches the price. Chain of restaurants providing an interesting compendium of Korean favourites.

  • Haitanghua Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant Cold noodle is a North Korean specialty, and cold is the leitmotiv of this interesting North Korean inspired restaurant.

Middle Eastern >>

  • Dini's kosher restaurant It may be the third-largest country in the world, and visited by thousands of Jewish and Israeli tourists every year, but in all of China there is only one kosher restaurant: Dini's, in Beijing.

    Dini's kosher restaurant
  • 1001 Nights Top quality Middle Eastern food – often rated among the best in Beijing.

Mongolian >>

  • Tutu Mongolian Restaurant Bohemia was one of the further outposts of Genghis Khan's empire, and bohemian is an apt description of this pleasant and spacious outlet.

  • Dahr Khan Bar & Restaurant Lamb, lamb, and more lamb prove the ehnic origins of this spectacular Mongolian fest, but disappointingly not a trace of whole roast marmoset.

Pizza >>

  • Hutong Pizza Look away from the lakeside and into the Hutong area for this strange combo of limited pizza offerings and an eccentric range of drinks (Ethiopian Honey Wine, anyone?).

  • The Kro's Nest American-style pizza parlor and sports bar type eatery.

Russian >>

  • Moscow Restaurant Beijing’s first foreign restaurant, Moscow goes back to the great old days of Sino-Soviet partnership, as the style and the décor will tell you.

  • Kiev Ukrainian rather than Russian. The live entertainment is a big part of the evening – singing stars sauntering around the tables giving their all to well-loved operatic airs.

Southeast Asian >>

  • Traders Cafe Traders are what made the economy of the South-east Asian peninsula, and this restaurant and buffet offers a banquet of Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine.

  • Purple Haze Bistro A swinging scene for lovers of South-East Asian cuisine.

Spanish >>

  • Tapas Spanish Bar and Restaurant Tapas are one of the joys of Spanish cuisine – stop at a tapas bar in Madrid for a glass of wine and a couple of snacks on your way home from work and you may find you're still there at midnight.

  • Ashandi Typical Spanish cuisine in a small bistro setting.

Thai >>

  • Very Siam AS Siam as The King and I, a delightful retreat in the Chaoyangmen area.

  • Baan Chokdee Style, décor and ambiance take you far from Beijing and into the heart of Thailand.

Vietnamese >>

  • Nuage Vietnamese food on the banks of Houhai. The ground floor creates a rather industrial impression, but don’t be put off.

  • Nam Nam Particularly attractive surroundings. Quality of food compensates for the fact that there is still some 'nouvelle cuisine' influence on the portions.