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  • Tomb Sweeping Day Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Jie) was traditionally a time to remember deceased relatives.

  • Lantern Festival The Lantern Festival (Yuanxiao Jie) is one of three major festivals in Chinese folklore.

  • National Day China's National Day, on 1 October, celebrates the moment in 1949 when Chairman Mao Zedong stood in front of 300,000 people in Tiananmen Square and declared the founding of the People’s Republic.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival It was traditionally a time when people honoured the moon and round pastries, known as 'mooncakes', were given as offerings and families still come together to make them.

  • International Labor Day International Labor Day, which traditionally celebrated the efforts of farmers, workers and the socialist movement of the 1930s, is of particular significance in communist countries.

    International Labor Day
  • Dragon Boat Festival The Dragonboat Festival commemorates the poet Qu Yuan (340-278BC), who drowned himself in a river during the Warring States Period.

  • Chinese New Year Also known as Spring Festival, Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the first month.

    Chinese New Year
  • Temple Fairs Various Locations
    January or February