Museums >>

The Capital Museum

With its striking modern architecture and impressive variety of exhibits, the Capital Museum has staked its claim as the best museum in Beijing.

Historical Sites >>

Beijing's Underground City (Closed)

For more than 20 years, Beijing's Underground City, a bomb shelter just beneath the ancient capital's downtown area, has been virtually forgotten by local citizens.

Hutongs & Streets >>


Because of its proximity to the Forbiddent City, this area was historically home to court officials and the city's elite. Some of their residence still stand.

For Kids >>

The Happy Valley Amusement Park

Beijing's best amusement park offers 40 rides, an IMAX theater, more than 100 games and seven cinemas.

Religious Sites >>

Wangfujing Catholic Church (Eastern Church)

Wangfujing Catholic Church, known as the Eastern Church, is located on famous Wangfujing Avenue in Beijing. It was first established in 1655.

Galleries >>

798 Photo Gallery

798 Photo Gallery is the first art gallery dedicated to photography in China. Its unique design is based on the original structure of the Bauhaus styled factory .

Unique Architectures >>

Beijing Int'l Airport Terminal 3

The iconic terminal building is intended to be one of the most modern and passenger friendly super-hub facilities in the world.

Parks & Gardens >>

Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) Park

Due to Xiangshan Park's high elevation and dense cover of trees, spring arrives late in the area and summer days are always pleasantly cool.

Nature Reserves >>

Lingshan Mountain

Crowned as the highest mountain in outskirts of Beijing, the top of the mountain is covered with snow all year round.

Travelogues >>

The wall, unplugged

The Great Wall has become China's number one attraction for visitors from abroad.

Travel Agencies >>

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