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  • Houhai Because of its proximity to the Forbiddent City, this area was historically home to court officials and the city's elite. Some of their residence still stand.

  • Qianmen Dajie (Dashilan) This has been a shopping strip for more than 500 years, and remains one of the most memorable experiences in the city.

  • Liulichang The Liulichang Street of Chinese Culture is a 750 meter long collection of all kinds of Calligraphy, art, antiques and paintings that China has to offer.

  • Nanluoguxiang Located several kilometers north of the Forbidden City is Nanluoguxiang, an 800-meter north-south alleyway filled with cafes, bars, and shops all designed in classical 'hutong' style.

  • Nanchizi and Beichizi This hutong was once included within the imperial city grounds. Today the Ming and Qing dynasty archives were kept in a grand pavillion here.

  • Silk Street Market The Silk Street Market reopened in its shiny new 5-storey shopping mall in March 2005, replacing its notorious predecessor, the outdoor Xiu Shui market.

  • Wangfujing This is the city's best-known shopping area. The street is always busy, mostly with pedestrians, but that's part of its charm.

  • Dongsi Beidajie Dongsi Beidajie shopping street, along with Wangfujingand Xidan, completes the trio of main shopping areas in the city center.