Beijing Duck >>

  • Quan Ju De Probably the best-known of all the Peking Duck restaurants.

  • Bian Yi Fang Another old favourite, Bian Yi Fang was established in 1855. Around 150 RMB for a duck, prepared according to the restaurant's own secret proprietary recipe.

Beijing Cuisine >>

  • Wenyu Nailao An authentic Beijing restaurant for an authentic Beijing clientele. Chefs from the imperial kitchens were the ancestors of the owners of this establishment.

  • Shaguo Ju The restaurant claims an ancestry of over 300 years, and provides a range of traditional shaguo casserole dishes.

Dumplings >>

  • Baoyuan Jiaozi The dumpling production - vegetable and fruit dyes make these dumplings as colourful as their contents.

  • Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung is a Taiwanese chain with an international reputation. A regular favourite in diners' 'Best of…'polls, this place is likely to be full so be prepared to wait your turn – kids playroom to keep the wee ones from fretting while you wait.

Hot Pot >>

  • Huang Cheng Lao Ma Sichuan hotpot means big-time spicy if you can take it – otherwise be sure to order the 'bu la'. This place is crowded, so expect to pay a little more but be sure you won't be disappointed.

  • Xiao Shan Cheng Offering a Hua Guo that is a worthwhile alternative to a sauna, only it tastes better and you can drink beer at the same time.

Imperial >>

  • Red Capital Club 1950s retro cigar and cocktail lounge, and a general atmosphere to bring back the good old days. Hotpot and a broader range of Beijing specialties.

  • Li Jia Cai Imperial Court Food specialist, this hutong-based restaurant offers a set menu – in other words, you eat what you're offered. But make sure you book well-in advance – Li Jia Cai is heavily oversubscribed.

Tanjia >>

  • Tanjia Restaurant Based in the Beijing Hotel and operating under the special favour of the government, the Tanjia restaurant provides an imperial combo of Beijing and Cantonese quality.

  • Tanfu Cuisine Restaurant This is the place to go if someone else is paying – a dish might set you back anything up to 2000 RMB - but take your sunglasses as a first-line defence against the outstandingly opulent décor. It's Qing dynasty dining at ker-ching type prices.

Homestyle >>

  • Xiao Wang Fu A group of restaurants all offering a range from homely dishes at 20 RMB to the Peking duck at up to 200 RMB. Popular with locals and expats alike, with an interesting line in décor. Food and service are reliable throughout the group.

  • Bai Zhou Xiang Congee (rice porridge), or more properly zhou, is a Chinese staple. Originating in the days where you eked out your rice with whatever was available, zhou has evolved into a tasty and above-all healthy food. Dozens of varieties available at this specialist outlet, including a taste of dog porridge if you fancy.