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  • Xiao Wang Fu A group of restaurants all offering a range from homely dishes at 20 RMB to the Peking duck at up to 200 RMB. Popular with locals and expats alike, with an interesting line in d├ęcor. Food and service are reliable throughout the group.

  • Bai Zhou Xiang Congee (rice porridge), or more properly zhou, is a Chinese staple. Originating in the days where you eked out your rice with whatever was available, zhou has evolved into a tasty and above-all healthy food. Dozens of varieties available at this specialist outlet, including a taste of dog porridge if you fancy.

  • Kyline Pavilion A hutong restaurant offering traditional but unusual Beijnig dishes at reasonable prices (20-70 RMB). The kyline is one of China's mythological creatures, and this restaurant is hard to find but worth the search.

    Kyline Pavilion