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  • Baoyuan Jiaozi The dumpling production - vegetable and fruit dyes make these dumplings as colourful as their contents.

  • Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung is a Taiwanese chain with an international reputation. A regular favourite in diners' 'Best of…'polls, this place is likely to be full so be prepared to wait your turn – kids playroom to keep the wee ones from fretting while you wait.

  • Xiaolumian If you're in the neighbourhood of the Mutianyu Gret Wall and you feel like feeding up on a noodle or a dumpling, you could do worse than visit this country establishment.

  • Shisheng Xuan Jiaoziguan Unpretentious, with a range of traditional dumpling offerings – Jiaoziguan (dumpling restaurant) does what it says on the sign.

    Shisheng Xuan Jiaoziguan