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  • The National Museum of China The National Museum of China runs more than 300 meters north and south along the eastern side of Tian'anmen Square.

  • White Dagoba Temple Miaoying Temple, also named White Dagoba Temple, got its name because there is a white dagoba in the temple.

  • The Imperial College The Imperial College is generally recognized as the highest official education institution in imperial China.

  • Prince Gong's Mansion Prince Gong's Mansion, Beijing's largest and best-preserved Qing Dynasty princely mansion, illustrates the culture and life style of Imperial China's elite.

  • Baigongfang Handicrafts Museum For fans of arts and crafts, a visit to Baigongfang, a living museum of traditional Chinese handicrafts, is an inspirational experience that brings home the richness and diversity of Chinese handmade art.

  • Tanzhe Temple The Chinese have a centuries old proverb: "First there was the Pool and Cudrania Temple, then came Beijing".

  • Jietai Temple During any visit to China, you will encounter tour guides telling tales of ancient trees in temple courtyards.

  • The Happy Valley Amusement Park Beijing's best amusement park offers 40 rides, an IMAX theater, more than 100 games and seven cinemas.

  • Beijing Aquarium This aquarium is home to thousands of fish, turtles and more, including an unforgettable Amazonian Arapaima, and features daily seal and dolphin shows.

  • Beijing Zoo Beijing Zoo mainly exhibits wild and rare animals of China. It  is also a center of zoological research that collects and breeds rare animals from various continents.

  • Ancient Observatory Beijing Ancient Observatory, located in southwest of Beijing Jianguomen Bridge, was built  in the Ming dynasty. It is one of the most ancient Observatories in the world.

  • China Aviation Museum China Aviation Museum is about 40 miles north of Beijing and located in the foot of fascinating Xiao Tang Hill (XiaoTangShan) in Changping County.

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