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  • Yashow & New Yashow These two markets are almost identical, but New Yashow is considerably less crowded and has fewer stalls.

  • Silk Market (Xiushui) This indoor market is the city’s most popular with tourists, with six floors of cheap, fake goods.

  • Pearl Market (Hongqiao Market) This is the best place to buy pearls and jewelry. The third floor is an Aladdin's cave of freshwater pearls, jade, antiques, handicrafts and ornaments

  • Panjiayuan This open-air market is crammed with thousands of stalls selling ornaments, Cultural Revolution memorabilia and more.

  • Liulichang Cultural Street This street offers calligraphy, art, antiques and paintings, including a dozen of time-honored antique stores.

  • Beijing Zoo Clothing Market This enormous, shabby-looking market across from the zoo is always packed, especially on the weekends.

  • Beijing Curio City A great place for antiques and curios with character, this place is known for selling many original pieces.

  • Bainaohui Electronics Market Though subpar to Zhongguancun, Bainaohui has a wide electronics selection and a good reputation.