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  • Jin Shan Cheng Jin Shan Cheng (Gold Mountain City), with a couple of dozen branches around the city, is one of Beijing's most popular and affordable Sichuan chains.

  • Yu Xin Everyone who has spent any time at all in China will have eaten indifferent or just plain bad gongbaojiding (宫爆鸡丁), but if you want to taste it the way it's supposed to be, get down to Yu Xin.

  • South Beauty A successful and growing chain with branches around the city, South Beauty has a huge menu so you're sure to find something to your taste, provided you can find a seat, of course.

  • Meizhou Dongpo Meizhou Dongpo has an official seal of approval from the Sichuan government, so it must be doing something right.

  • Gold Barn The Gold Barn is anything but a farmyard, more like a grand mansion furnished in 1930s style. If you're looking for atmosphere, this spacious and comfortable eatery spread over three floors won't disappoint.

  • Feiteng Yuxiang If spicy fish stew (shuizhuyu) is your thing, get down here. It is said to be the best in town.

  • Chuan Ban The Chuan Ban gets an implicit seal of approval from the Sichuan government, whose Beijing premises it shares.