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  • ZEN The Intercontinental's Cantonese restaurant dishes up reliable renditions of spring rolls, turnip cakes and barbequed pork buns in a rarefied atmosphere.

  • The Deluxe Restaurant A very tasty Cantonese restaurant, housed in the Gongti Comfort Inn Hotel. Service is good, and the egg tarts are highly recommended.

  • Shang Palace With a garden view, it's a great option for Sunday brunch, Cantonese style.

  • Noble Court Hong Kong chefs serve up Cantonese haute cuisine in the classy confines of one grand restaurant worthy of the name "noble."

  • Lijing Xuan Enter this golden palace at any hour, night or day, and there will be a crowd feasting on fresh and steaming baskets of dim sum. They are famous for porridge, but many Westerners find it to be an acquired taste.

  • Huang Ting Fancy-pants Cantonese cuisine (including dim sum) amidst Ming and Qing dynasty antiques for those using the corporate credit card.

  • GL Cafe Hong Kong fare served in a vast cafeteria; cheap, greasy and always open: perfect for 4am feasts.

  • Jin Ding Xuan Cantonese chain that is specializes in fresh and steaming baskets of dim sum.